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Content tagged with Trading Technology posted in July 2007
SEC Announces 17-Member Financial Reporting Committee
News  |  7/31/2007  | 
The SEC has revealed that Morgan Stanley CFO David Sidwell, Microsoft Corp CFO Christopher Liddell and Jeffrey J. Diermeier, former global chief investment officer at UBS Global Asset Management, will be among the 17 financial industry experts charged with making the U.S. financial reporting system more useful for investors and less complex for U.S. companies.
Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley Invest in IT Recruits
News  |  7/30/2007  | 
"In 1971, I was a high school graduate with no aspirations of college and no money for college, in fact I couldn't afford to buy a piece of clothing at a store until I was 17," related Diane Schueneman, senior vice president and head of the global infrastructure solutions group at Merrill Lynch at an unusual commencement ceremony today. Instead of pursuing higher education, Schueneman got a jo
Morgan Stanley Ranks First Among Bulge Bracket Brokers Providing Electronic Trading Services
News  |  7/30/2007  | 
Financial Insights Ranked Morgan Stanley as the top broker for providing DMA, algorithmic trading, TCA and EMS to buy-side clients.
Direct Edge CEO Launches Bill's Emails
News  |  7/30/2007  | 
Today is William (Bill) O'Brien's first day on the job as CEO of Direct Edge ECN. He began this new role by reaching out to the trading community of current and potenital customers with an email that explains why he is returning to the ECN world.
Dark Algorithms Solving Fragmentation Issues
News  |  7/27/2007  | 
Broker-dealers are coming out with all flavors of liquidity-seeking algorithms to search dark pools and ensure customers are finding hidden liquidity.
RealTick Integrates Two New UBS Algos
News  |  7/27/2007  | 
Townsend Analytics announced the availability of two new algorithms from UBS available on its RealTick Execution Management System (EMS). UBS' Tap and TapNow algorithms, the latest from the firm's Global Direct Execution Services, seek out both dark and displayed liquidity.
Business Intelligence is Next Holy Grail, Says American Century's Gudrun Neumann
News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • Making products visible on the Web (SEO) is one key for growth
  • Green technology in data centers in focus
  • Enhancing technology for distribution channels in progress
  • Data Remediation, Rationalization and Distribution Top CDO's agenda
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • Citi Markets & Banking CDO John Bottega leads data charge
  • Collaborative data efforts can only help the industry
  • To succeed, data management programs need to be run like a business
  • Ameriprise Financial Replaces Advisor Technology
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • Completing separation from American Express in 2007 a priority
  • Webification of all things will translate into financial services
  • Firm will provide institutional-level portfolio management to retail clients
  • Multi-Asset, Multi-strategy Is the Future at State Street Global Advisors
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • End-to-end alternative investment platform slated for 2007
  • Enhanced institutional client information delivery technology under development
  • New distribution channel capability in focus
  • Pioneer Moves From Data Management to Enterprise Information Management
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • If the data is correct, everything else works just fine
  • Learning to manage integration important as firms continue to globalize
  • Reengineered global investment systems infrastructure will increase efficiency
  • Northern Trust's Globally Dispersed Businesses Require 24/7 Customer Service
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • New data center will help increase global capacity,
  • Standard IT implementation methodology should help with planning,
  • High-performance computing will help firms manage increasingly fast digital markets
  • Nicholas-Applegate Saves $800k With Consolidated Matching & Settlement Platform
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • Products from Latent Zero, Sentinel, will be used in revamped trading system,
  • Microsoft's Reporting Services to provide business intelligence,
  • Sharepoint internal collaboration helps with a geographically dispersed workforce
  • SOA Infrastrucutre Paves Way for Web 2.0 at ING Investment Management
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • Web 2.0 will have as much of an impact on business as the Net's first generation,
  • Project management centralization will standardize success metrics,
  • Enhancement of portfolio management capabilities will increase flexibility
  • Fidelity Continually Enhancing Online Retirement Planning Tools
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • As industry evolves, Fidelity is increasing services to institutional broker-dealers,
  • Web 2.0 will enhance Fidelity.com, Streetscape, Advisor.com and Net Benefits,
  • Globalization of IT teams is next frontier for firms
  • New Fixed-Income Trading Platform In Store for Evergreen Investments
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • Data warehouse gearing up for consolidated view for senior management,
  • New accounting platform will be outsourced to State Street to gain efficiency,
  • Enhancing pre-trade decision process will help portfolio managers make better decisions
  • Eaton Vance Data Center Rebuild Slated for '07-'08
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
  • Remote data center rebuild will increase efficiency, utilization,
  • SOA will help move Eaton Vance to real time processes,
  • Previous experience on U.S. Navy submarine keeps John Shea, CIO, grounded
  • Anna Ewing Innovates Trading at Nasdaq
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    Web-based portal market for qualified institutional buyers launched, Equities platform leveraged to grade both equities and options, Handling volumes and latency demands for customers continues to drive initiatives
    International Securities Exchange Grows With Daniel Friel
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    ISE grows fully displayed market business, which launched in December 2006, With advent of penny pricing, message rates expected to increase, Merger with Eurex expected to close fourth quarter this year
    Edwin Marcial Makes Improvements at ICE
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    New clearinghouses in Euopre and U.S. will share technology platform, Platform improvements cut response time from 600 ms to 28 ms, Production data center moving to Chicago; disaster recovery to Atlanta
    Jim Krause Improves Performance at CME
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    Preparations for merger with Chicago Board of Trade under way, Capability in options and over-the-counter trading arena expanding, New compression approaches minimize bandwidth utilization and storage growth
    CBOT Moves Ahead With William Farrow's Leadership
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    Planning for proposed merger with the CME in the works, Continuing education for employees and community a priority, Focus on back-office systems and capitalizing on migration window are key
    Susan Certoma Takes Wachovia to the Next Level
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    DMA and algorithmic trading open door to high-performance computing, Providing a single infrastructure with multiple services key to SOA strategy, Amnet acquisition demands consolidation of wholesale vertical in the mortgage business
    Scottrade Succeeds With the Leadership of Ian Patterson
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    Web site speed ranks among the highest in the industry. Scottrade continues to grow 300-branch base and service more customers. Recently announced partnership with McAfee provides customers free security software.
    Diane Schueneman Plans for Merrill Lynch's Future
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    Completion of infrastructure build-out creates "gobal support model", 70 percent of technology investments channeled into new development, Straight-through processing platforms for high-volume a priority
    John Galante Applies Strong Work Ethic at JPMorgan
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    Best-in-class reporting system deployed globally to more than 1.000 clients. With $15.2 trillion in assets under custody demands superior processing engines. Relationships/intern programs with key universities guarantees a wealth of future talent.
    Christopher Rogers Helps Instinet Expand Globally
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    Instinet ramps up technology efficiency with a rewrite of its "Core". Overhaul of Newport portfolio trading system offers significant upgrades. Chi-X launched for trading European equities; additional systems in the works
    Tom Sanzone Moves IT Ahead at Credit Suisse
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    Capabilities and presence extending in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, Streamlined processes, structures and systems deliver better results to clients, Virtualization technologies employed to improve efficiency, quality and online capability
    What's Wrong With CDO Models?
    News  |  7/26/2007  | 
    Watching the gruesome, global train wreck that is hedge funds heavily invested in collateralized debt obligations (pools of bonds, loans or other assets, the subprime mortgage pools being the ones in the most trouble today), we wonder, is something wrong with the models investment firms use to price and gauge the risk of these derivatives?
    Will Investors Ultimately Be Left Holding the Reg NMS Tab?
    Commentary  |  7/25/2007  | 
    Investors may be the ones paying for enhancements to trading systems, as exchanges and brokers scale systems to handle the skyrocketing amount of Reg NMS message and quote traffic.
    The End of Labor Arbitrage
    News  |  7/25/2007  | 
    The age of outsourcing to India for the cheaper labor costs is over, according to S. Premkumar, corporate officer and global head-financial services at Indian outsourcing firm HCL Technologies. Where once a function performed by 100 U.S. employees could be handed over to 100 Indian employees who could do it for significantly less, the diminishing value of the dollar combined with the strengthening of the rupee and increasing salary levels in India have wiped out the benefits of such labor arbitr
    NYSE Euronext Develops Dark Pool for Crossing Portfolios
    News  |  7/24/2007  | 
    By the end of this summer, NYSE Euronext is expected to launch NYSE MatchPoint - a point-in-time benchmark crossing-network geared to large index funds and mutual funds looking to matching portfolios of stocks. The move follows the rapid proliferation of dark pools accounting for as much as 12 percent of U.S. stock trading volume according to research by the TABB Group.
    ITG, Instinet Beef Up Operations in Asia
    News  |  7/24/2007  | 
    ITG and Instinet announce key executive appointments in Asia Pacific region as electronic trading heats up overseas
    Thomson Financial to Provide Background On Executives and Private Companies
    News  |  7/18/2007  | 
    To what extent do you base investing and deal-making decisions based on who you know at the companies involved? Thomson Financial has teamed up with search/analytics firm Generate, Inc., to capitalize on investment bankers' need to know with whom they are dealing. Generate's tools can analyze a web page or a customer record and map the people and compani
    BIDS Trading Exceeds 20 Million Shares in Block Volume
    News  |  7/18/2007  | 
    Even though the nascent block-crossing venue has plenty of competitors in the ATS space including Liquidnet, ITG POSIT, NYFIX Millennium and Pipeline Trading, BIDS appears to be building momentum right out of the gate because of the liquidity pools and customer bases of its strategic partners.
    Donnelley Introduces Service That Turns Mutual Fund Reports Into XBRL
    News  |  7/17/2007  | 
    In a move that could eventually make life easier for the SEC, research analysts and mutual fund investors, printing company RR Donnelley announced today a service that converts ordinary mutual fund financial statements into XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language)-formatted files. These files, in which each data element is tagged with a standard identifier, can then be analyz
    On Point Executions Launches Options Smart Order Router
    News  |  7/16/2007  | 
    On Point developed the options smart order router in response to clients that were experiencing latency in routing orders to options exchanges and also having problems with the options industry linkage program or being held hostage to liquidity at a single venue.
    Themarkets.com Receives $30 Million and Plans Future
    News  |  7/13/2007  | 
    This week, Themarkets.com, the investment bank-owned platform that packages and delivers the banks' analyst research to their institutional investor clients, announced that it's just completed a $30 million Series S Rights Offering to its 11 existing investment bank owners (Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, BofA Securities, Credit Suisse, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Kleinwort, UBS, and Leh
    Risk Indicator Detects When Hedge Funds Trading Illiquid Securities Are Smoothing Returns
    News  |  7/11/2007  | 
    With the near collapse of two hedge funds last month at Bear Stearns Asset Management from investments in complex mortgage backed securities, risk management experts are pointing out the hazards of valuing illiquid securities. Recent research by Riskdata, into a sample of over 1,000 hedge funds reveals that at least 30 percent of hedge funds trading illiquid strategies are smoothing returns
    Wall Street Firms Are Not Ready For Globalization, Study Finds
    News  |  7/9/2007  | 
    Nine out of 10 capital markets executives say their firm is not ready for globalization and doesn't know how to get there.
    XBRL - Breaking Into the Equity Analysis Bastion
    News  |  7/9/2007  | 
    By Raghuvir Mukherji Senior Consultant, Financial Securities Domain Competency Group Infosys Technologies Ltd. [email protected] After giving traders and order routers a bad scare in the form of algorithmic trading, technology is now in a position to threaten equity analysts, or make their job simpler, depending on where one is in the equity analysis 'value chain'. The advent of the internet and the use of
    DSAL Reaches New Speeds in Complex Event Processing
    News  |  7/9/2007  | 
    Data Stream Analysis (DSAL), a U.K.-based provider of low latency solutions for processing real-time streaming data, recently completed performance testing of its processing speeds, reaching rates of 200,000 calculations and 1.5 million updates per second.
    Wall Street Firms Begin Delivering More Applications to Senior Managers’ BlackBerry Devices
    News  |  7/3/2007  | 
    Merrill Lynch and Blackstone Group are among firms providing mission-critical applications to managers' BlackBerry devices.
    Private Equity Firms Fueling the Growth of Electronic Trading
    News  |  7/2/2007  | 
    Private equity firms are rushing to invest in electronic trading companies and financial technology companies that provide services to hedge funds.
    What Does A Thomson-Reuters Combination Mean For The Financial Markets Industry?
    Commentary  |  7/2/2007  | 
    Unless details are settled quickly, the integration could put new and renewal agreements on hold, as clients do not often transition to a platform scheduled for sunset or put their faith in a team that may not be there next month.

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