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Content tagged with Trading Technology posted in August 2010
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Slicing the Alpha-Generation Pie
Commentary  |  8/31/2010  | 
In building out their research capabilities, agency brokers are encroaching on the bulge bracket's turf.
Bloomberg Tradebook Sheds Light On Dark Pools With B-Dark Algorithm
News  |  8/31/2010  | 
Agency broker Bloomberg Tradebook is shedding new light on dark pools with the launch of the B-Dark algorithm, a platform the firm says allows traders to execute dark liquidity orders with more control and visibility.
Knight Direct Joins the Orc ExNet Broker Connectivity Network
News  |  8/31/2010  | 
Knight Direct will offer its suite of execution algorithms to Orc's trading customers.
Thomson Reuters Launches Elektron In India
News  |  8/31/2010  | 
Working in collaboration with Netmagic Solutions Pvt., the new facility at the Bombay Stock Exchange will provide co-location hosting with a managed application environment, low latency connectivity to local market data and access to the Elektron global real-time network.
EXQIM Chooses OneTick for Quantitative Strategy Development
News  |  8/30/2010  | 
French investment manager selects unified CEP and Database system rather than multiple systems.
Bloomberg Tradebook Forges Dark Pool Transparency Agreements
News  |  8/30/2010  | 
Tradebook also launched its B-Dark algorithm, which contains the first analytic to deliver real-time venue transparency in dark pools, allowing traders to execute dark liquidity orders with more control and visibility.
Voltaire Announces High Density 10 GbE Switch for Efficient Scaling of Cloud Networks
News  |  8/30/2010  | 
Top-of-rack switch delivers new virtualization and converged data center capabilities.
UBS Trading Floor
Trading Floors  |  8/29/2010  | 
With 1,400 seats, 2,000 computers and 5,000 monitors, the UBS trading floor is noted by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest single trading floor in the world.
NYSE Euronext Completes Migration of NYSE and NYSE Amex to U.S. Data Center
News  |  8/27/2010  | 
With the NYSE and NYSE Amex equities primary matching engines now inside the new data center, NYSE Euronext will begin the migration of its other markets as well as NYSE Technologies' diverse product portfolio that includes co-location services, direct data feeds, and trading infrastructure on-demand.
Security Expert Chip Tsantes Joins Ernst & Young
News  |  8/26/2010  | 
Tsantes' specific areas of focus includes security program management, threat and vulnerability management, privacy and data protection and identity and access management.
Viodel Communication Solutions Launches Web Portal for Hosted Software Applications
News  |  8/26/2010  | 
Customers can access to software applications from Microsoft, RIM, Cisco and McAfee as a predictable month-to-month subscription service.
CBSX Daily Volume Exceeded 100 Million Shares
News  |  8/26/2010  | 
Equity exchange surpassed 100 million shares in daily volume for the first time since it was launched in 2007.
FX Bridge Names Stephen Best CEO
News  |  8/25/2010  | 
FX Bridge Technologies, a provider of FX and options trading platforms, announced it hired Stephen Best as CEO, a post he assumes after a decade of overseeing complex trading strategies at several large firms.
Hong Kong Monetary Authority Chooses Calypso for Trading and Treasury Management
News  |  8/25/2010  | 
Hong Kong's monetary authority will use the system to trade across multiple asset classes, while monitoring the underlying risks in real time.
Hong Kong Monetary Authority Selects Calypso For Trading And Treasury Management
News  |  8/25/2010  | 
The platform will leverage functionality for a variety of front-to-back office tasks including pricing, valuation and risk management.
SimCorp Launches Version 4.8 Of Straight-Through-Processing Solution
News  |  8/24/2010  | 
The release features updates and new modules designed to further automate workflow processes throughout the back, middle and front office, SimCorp said.
Solace Systems And Serisys Sign Distribution Agreement For China
News  |  8/24/2010  | 
This agreement allows Serisys, which is based in Hong Kong and has offices in Shanghai, Tokyo and Singapore, to sell and service Solace equipment to financial services providers throughout China including Hong Kong.
RIA Clients Can Now View Their Portfolios and Performance Reports On iPads
News  |  8/24/2010  | 
Starting in October, Adhesion will roll out new capabilities for advisors to interact with and analyze client portfolio and practice data, complete WealthADV access for advisors via the iPad, and iPhone and Android-based apps for clients with smart phones, Adhesion said.
TradeStation Integrates Futures Trading on Eurex
News  |  8/24/2010  | 
TradeStation Securities announced real-time trading in Eurex futures has been integrated into its platform, a move the firm said was driven by growing demand from traders seeking the ability to deal in a wider range of global futures markets.
Neptuny Launches New Virtualization Planning Tool
News  |  8/24/2010  | 
Caplan 3.3 new features include virtualization planning, benchmark management, tagging, filtering and searching enhancement, and integration of new data sources.
How to Save Your Shared Services Model from Becoming a Money Pit
News  |  8/23/2010  | 
Given the drastic changes that have occurred in many corporate operating models during the recession, certain common services may not be as highly value added as before.
Top 10 Cloud Computing Complaints
News  |  8/23/2010  | 
Leading industry experts respond to gripes that IT professionals have about the security, cost, and portability of cloud computing in the enterprise.
State Street Releases Risk Analytics and Services Products for Institutional Investors
News  |  8/19/2010  | 
New tools for clients, including performance heat maps and compliance features, are integrated into State Street’s Analytics Dashboard.
Voice Trading in Derivatives Is Not Dead: Long Live the Squawk Box!
Commentary  |  8/19/2010  | 
Sweeping financial reform of the OTC derivative market targets aspects of voice trading, however today’s traders rely on voice solutions more than ever.
Knight Capital's Trading Floor
Trading Floors  |  8/19/2010  | 
As speculation swirls that Knight Capital Group could go of out business after reportedly losing more than $400 million Aug. 1 when a software error misfired a program trade, causing mayhem in 148 listed stocks, regulators have the firm under a microscope. Advanced Trading takes you behind the scenes to view Knight's cavernous trading floor in Jersey City, N.J., where the firm's electronic trading operations and traders are based. Taken two years after it was built, the photos show how the floor is structured and include close-ups of the technology used on specific desks.
Instinet Adds Futures and Options Functions to Newport 3 EMS
News  |  8/18/2010  | 
Agency broker Instinet Inc. announced it added U.S. listed futures and options trading capability to the Newport 3 execution management system, a platform it says will enable users to better manage risk across asset classes.
The Demise of the Corporate Data Center
Commentary  |  8/17/2010  | 
To secure their infrastructure and processes, Wall Street firms have built up castle walls around their data for years. But electronic trading is creating cracks in those walls.
IT: The Global Economic Accelerant
Commentary  |  8/17/2010  | 
IT is a major driver of global economies, but traditional indicators such as GDP do not go far enough to accurately measure global competitiveness.
Perception Problems
Commentary  |  8/17/2010  | 
What Apple's "antennagate" issues can teach us about innovation.
The New Alpha Generators
News  |  8/17/2010  | 
With commissions growing ever tighter on the execution side, agency brokers are entering the research business to capture a larger share of the buy side's alpha-generation wallet.
JP Morgan Veteran Sean Gallagher Joins Fiserv’s Investment Services Group
News  |  8/16/2010  | 
Gallagher has experience with the hedge fund, asset manager and broker-dealer segments.
SocGen Adds Block Cross Liquidity Finder to E-Trading Platform
News  |  8/13/2010  | 
Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking announced it added Block Cross, a liquidity-seeking feature to the electronic trading platform Quantitative Electronic Services, as it looks to offer clients access to European MTF dark pools like Chi-Delta and Turquoise Dark.
Integrated Capital Solutions Launches New Managed Investment Platform To Track Trading Advisors
News  |  8/13/2010  | 
www.icstraders.com helps investment advisors and knowledgeable investors create multi-CTA portfolios to fit within their risk tolerance and investment goals.
Using Real-Time Events in Electronic Trading
Commentary  |  8/12/2010  | 
Event data is evolving from machine-readable news to give electronic traders new real-time factors
SimCorp Launches Self-Assessment Tool For Mutual Funds
News  |  8/12/2010  | 
After completing the 10-minute self-assessment, participants will receive a personalized report with a detailed analysis on their firm's growth readiness at both an operational and organizational level.
TCA Demand Beyond Equities Driven by New Reporting Requirements, Lack of Trust
News  |  8/12/2010  | 
Regulatory reporting pressures and a lack of trust between the buy and sell sides is driving demand for transaction cost analysis beyond equities.
EuroCCP Nabs J.P. Morgan as General Clearing Participant
News  |  8/11/2010  | 
EuroCCP, a provider of clearing and settlement services for a range of European markets, announced that J.P. Morgan has agreed to become one of its general clearing participants.
Electronic Trading Reaches Maturity in Brazil, Says Exchange
News  |  8/11/2010  | 
CEP platforms are increasingly connecting to Brazil's BM&FBovespa, which is now the sixth largest derivatives market in the world with growth of 67% in the first quarter of 2010.
Accelerating At-Trade TCA
News  |  8/11/2010  | 
The explosion in high-frequency trading underscores the need for tools to enhance execution strategy at the point of trade.
New TCA Tools Help Buy-side Firms Compete in a High-Frequency World
News  |  8/11/2010  | 
In today's increasingly volatile markets, buy-side firms are arming their trading desks with near-real-time transaction cost analysis tools to adjust their strategies intraday and combat the edge enjoyed by high-frequency traders.
Taking Settlement Costs Out of Best Execution
News  |  8/11/2010  | 
ESP Technologies offers post-trade ticket aggregation for equities, helping buy-side firms lower settlement costs as they seek best execution in a fragmented market.
Q&A: Matthew Celebuski of SJ Levinson & Sons Discusses TCA Trends and Challenges
News  |  8/11/2010  | 
In a complex trading environment, transaction cost analysis tools will help the buy side capture alpha, SJ Levinson's senior managing director and head of the quantitative research and trading team.
QSG Unveils SYNC to help Buy Side Analyze Impact Costs in High-Frequency Market
News  |  8/11/2010  | 
New SYNC TCA system offers pre- and post-trade analytics in a single platform.
Has High-Speed Trading Cost Buy and Hold Institutional Investors Control of Their Orders?
Commentary  |  8/10/2010  | 
We argue that the equity market goal of raising capital for corporations has been lost. Now a modern casino mentality and microsecond holding periods are undermining investor confidence and severely eroding the purpose of markets.
DMZ Trading Solutions Forms Partnership With CQG
News  |  8/10/2010  | 
DMZ Trading Solutions announced that it formed a partnership with CQG Inc. and has linked its financial software to the firm’s market data servers and hosted exchange gateways.
Nexaweb And Pyxis Mobile Join Forces To Modernize Legacy Apps For Mobile Platforms
News  |  8/10/2010  | 
The integration between the vendors will create opportunities for companies to create new mobile customer service, financial trading, real-time news and data streaming solutions on iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android applications.
Is Your Website a Downside Risk? Why Web Performance Counts in Online Trading
Commentary  |  8/9/2010  | 
Today, online stock traders expect their brokerages' websites and applications to combine the most comprehensive, customizable, dynamic market data available with extraordinarily fast and seamless trade execution.
TerraNua Releases New Version Of MyComplianceOffice For Hedge Funds
News  |  8/9/2010  | 
On the heels of new regulation, nearly 3,200 hedge funds and private equity firms will need to register and put in a compliance program that meets expectations of the SEC for a registered investment adviser.
Tech Hiring On Wall Street Once Again Rising Sharply
News  |  8/6/2010  | 
Job postings on eFinancialCareers are up 24% year-on-year, as the buy-side also steps up hiring of tech professionals.
TGIF: It Would Be Great If Cell Phones Would Make Calls, Too
News  |  8/6/2010  | 
In this FunnyorDie video, John Caparulo talks about cell phones and the reasons why they get on our nerves...
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