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Financial Firms to Struggle With Growing Social Infrastructure in 2015
News  |  12/22/2014  | 
Capital Markets Outlook 2015: Social media infrastructure in financial services will grow dramatically in the coming year, putting pressure on IT and compliance to shed manual processes and use scalable technology.
Where Should You Spend Your IT Budget in 2015?
News  |  12/19/2014  | 
Capital Markets Outlook 2015: A bank can get the biggest bang for its IT buck by implementing agile development methodologies. Banks that use agile deliver 96% of their projects on budget and 79% of them on time.
Why There's Confusion Over Valuing Bitcoin
News  |  12/17/2014  | 
Bitcoin presents a new type of nontraditional, highly technical, experimental, and global digital instrument to our already complex world. That fact should not conjure fear. It should engender excitement.
Finding 'Technology Alpha' Can Mitigate TCO
News  |  12/10/2014  | 
A new TABB Group model demonstrates how revenue per employee can help mitigate high total technology spending costs.
TCO for Front Office Employees Nearly $500K, TABB Reports
News  |  12/3/2014  | 
A TABB Group report introduces "human capital" into a new TCO benchmarking model and discovers average spending on a capital markets front office employee tops $461,000 annually.
Bitcoin 101: Why It's Attracting Wall Street Investment
News  |  11/12/2014  | 
Despite its infancy, Bitcoins are being called one of the greatest developments of the new financial services landscape. Here's why.
Nasdaq OMX Won Over SIP Committee With Latency Reductions & Tech Upgrades
News  |  11/7/2014  | 
Nasdaq OMX's plan to move the SIP to the INET technology platform, coupled with ongoing reductions in latency and plans for hot/hot disaster recovery, influenced the committee's final decision.
Wall Street Seeks Edge From Operational Alpha
News  |  10/21/2014  | 
Alpha was a front-office term, but now banks and brokers are looking to the middle and back office for profitability.
Speeding Up the SIP Isn't Enough, Say Market Pros at Baruch Conference
News  |  10/17/2014  | 
Wall Street professionals discussed a plan to create multiple competing aggregators for the Nasdaq SIP as a way to strengthen the market infrastructure.
The Evolution of Technology Due Diligence for Hedge Funds
News  |  10/10/2014  | 
Due diligence is no longer a matter of keeping pace with regulations and technology standards. Now hedge funds are expected to enhance infrastructure ahead of regulatory guidelines.
Customer Focus Is More Important Than On-Budget
News  |  10/2/2014  | 
At TIAA-CREF, the best-built system or platform that hits all business deliverables is useless if the customers donít love the functionality.
Microsoft Enables Fast Migration Into Azure
News  |  9/8/2014  | 
Microsoft's Migration Accelerator makes it easier for VMware and Amazon Web Services customers to move workloads into Azure.
Enterprise IT Swings Back to Insourcing
News  |  8/25/2014  | 
Insourcing is becoming more common as businesses try to leverage newer technologies and tools to create business opportunities.
Investment Bank Prager Takes New Approach to CRM
News  |  7/18/2014  | 
Prager & Co. is one of a growing number of financial service firms turning to customer relationship management (CRM) technology to improve customer success.
Are You Ready for the Mobile Enterprise?
News  |  7/15/2014  | 
In addition to supporting external customers, banks need to support their own increasingly mobile employee base.
The Long Road To Big Data
News  |  6/9/2014  | 
Although enterprise-wide big data strategies are elusive, there are many smaller projects providing immediate value and paving the road for larger initiatives.
Merrill Lynch's 'Merrill One' Platform Raises the Bar on Investment Solutions
News  |  5/27/2014  | 
Merrill Lynch is transforming its advisory business by doing what all other brokerages have only talked about for years.
Can Your IT Group Beat the Market Benchmark?
News  |  5/23/2014  | 
If you don't benchmark your infrastructure costs and labor productivity, you can't tell if you are providing value or wasting your budget.
Open Source for Mission Critical Systems: 5 Lessons
News  |  5/8/2014  | 
Open Source for mission-critical enterprise needs vision and focus, says Sanjib Sahoo of tradeMONSTER
Nasdaq Launches Redesigned IR Mobile Application
News  |  4/28/2014  | 
A diverse team of designers at Nasdaq see user experience as a strategic differentiator.
A Case for Vertical Clouds
News  |  4/24/2014  | 
Building on the success of cloud adoption, service providers are taking it one step further by developing purpose built-clouds that are optimized for niche industry verticals.
On Brink of Expansion, Liquidnet Hires Bob Garrett as Head of Technology
News  |  4/23/2014  | 
As Liquidnet expands into fixed income, Garrett will focus on integrating the pending acquisition of Vega Chi into its ATS technology.
Rebuilding Financial Infrastructure for the Web
News  |  4/17/2014  | 
Entrepreneurs are preparing for a new generation of infrastructure providers.
Smartphone Kill Switches Coming, But Critics Cry Foul
News  |  4/16/2014  | 
Smartphone makers and carriers agree to add optional kill switches to smartphones, but law enforcement officials say the anti-theft effort doesn't go far enough.
Risky Business: The Modern IT Battle Plan
News  |  4/11/2014  | 
Identifying the 5 key areas of technology risk in financial services
Capital One Delivers 85% Of Software Through Agile
News  |  4/1/2014  | 
Agile software development methods have reduced delivery times to three to six months while cutting costs significantly.
OpenStack: Five Things Every Executive Needs to Know
News  |  3/25/2014  | 
Harnessing OpenStack's open source collaboration can accelerate an organization’s cloud vision. Here are the five rules of the road.
Nasdaq OMX Blazed Datacenter Hosting Trail 10 Years Ago
News  |  3/25/2014  | 
Ten years ago Nasdaq OMX moved its matching engines and corporate technology to a Verizon datacenter. The decision turned heads in the financial services world. Today, the practice of utilizing third-party datacenter services is becoming commonplace.
Fixing the Reference Data Problem
News  |  3/21/2014  | 
An industry/government regulated facility to collectively maintain and access reference data is the best way to lower costs, eliminate redundancies and control counterparty risk, writes Allan Grody of Financial Intergroup Holdings.
Fidelity Investments Reduces Global Datacenter Footprint By 20%
News  |  3/20/2014  | 
Strategy reduces number of data facilities to 20 from over 80 just five years ago.
FinTech Startups Benefit from Buy-Side Investment Trends
News  |  3/14/2014  | 
Cutting edge technology vendors have retargeted their products for the buy-side, a welcome change after years of stagnant technology spending.
What Is The Cloud, Anyway?
News  |  3/14/2014  | 
Since financial services firms have a high exposure to cloud-based services and applications, it's helpful to know what the cloud is and how it operates. This infographic helps with the basics of the cloud.
New Datacenter Strategies Are Flexible And Just-In-Time
News  |  3/13/2014  | 
Financial services IT shops are in the process of moving from fixed capacity datacenters to strategies that stress flexibility, responsiveness and, above all, lower costs.
Tech Insight: How To Protect Against Attacks Via Your Third-Party Vendors
News  |  3/11/2014  | 
Third-party business connections often provide attackers easy, unfettered access to bigger, richer networks
Scivantage Appeals to Next Gen Investors with New Platform
News  |  3/5/2014  | 
To attract young investors, banks and brokerages need to build towards an engaging user-experience.
Embracing Digital: JPMorgan Chase Rethinks Delivery
News  |  3/3/2014  | 
A new approach to branches, a dynamic competitive environment and the implications of $2 billion in compliance-related investment were among the topics covered by CEO Jamie Dimon and his management team at the bank’s recent Investor Day.
SIP to Get Tech Upgrades, While Consultant Hired to Conduct RFPs
News  |  2/26/2014  | 
The UTP SIP committee unanimously approved technology enhancements for a key market data feed, and also hired Jordan & Jordan to conduct two RFPs to replace Nasdaq when its contract officially runs out.
An Interesting Year for the IBOR Debate
News  |  2/25/2014  | 
Delivering the ideal IBOR solution will require fundamental changes in way businesses operate and the way front-office trading systems are used.
Global Voice Transformation: The Clash of Telephony and IT
News  |  2/25/2014  | 
Convergence of voice and data presents a significant cost advantage still not exploited by IT departments in banks.
The Trouble With Brazil's Post-Trade Automation in a Global Economy
News  |  2/21/2014  | 
As Brazilian trade volume grows, asset managers adopt technological solutions to reduce risk and improve efficiency
How Well Do We Really Understand Information Security?
News  |  2/20/2014  | 
Information security is very important, but most people think they know it and that's half the problem.
App Marketplace Gains Momentum With Risk Management Solutions Provider
News  |  2/19/2014  | 
In response to demands for unique tools, an open marketplace for third party and collaborative applications has been well received.
5 Technology Initiatives for the Buy-Side
News  |  2/13/2014  | 
It's time to cross items off the to-do list. Say goodbye to legacy systems and silos, focus on IBOR investment and critical IT system updates.
User Experience is Driving Changes to Nasdaq's Corporate Solution Platform
News  |  2/12/2014  | 
"The platform is built to leverage other parts of business in a scalable and integrated kind of way," says Nasdaq's Michael Cotter.
Capital Requirements for Banks and Their Impact on IT Strategy
News  |  2/11/2014  | 
Many banks probably haven’t taken a close look at the repercussions on IT.
U.S. Buy Side Focus Shifts to Investment Performance, Says Linedata Study
News  |  2/11/2014  | 
The trend is driven by the completion of post-crisis regulation deployments by U.S. asset managers while E.U. firms remain focused on implementing new regulations.
BNY Mellon Takes BPM To Higher Level
News  |  2/10/2014  | 
Not long ago adopting business process management technology was a leading-edge pursuit. Now, organizations like BNY Mellon Wealth Management are going beyond early initiatives to streamline operations further.
SEC Meter Maid Nabs 2 For Bad Parking
News  |  2/10/2014  | 
For smaller firms, recent "parking scheme" charges should be call to arms to enhance surveillance platforms.
Growth of Financial Services Outsourcing: How to Drive Maximum and Sustainable Value
News  |  2/6/2014  | 
As a buyer of outsourced services, it is important to engage with these companies differently than in the past.
B2B Start-ups and Outsourcing: Lessons Learned
News  |  2/6/2014  | 
From proof of concept to external specialists, these are three valuable lessons for collaborating with technology intensive start-ups.
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