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Nvestly Launches Social Investment Platform for the Average Person
News  |  10/7/2014  | 
The real-time platform is geared to Millennials who can use its social media features to share and compare returns with friends and other investors.
A Digital Revolution of Wealth Management
News  |  10/6/2014  | 
Digital advisory solutions are helping advisers with back-end efficiencies and client-facing platforms so they can focus on their core business.
Fidelity Labs Takes Innovation to the Next Level
News  |  10/2/2014  | 
Fidelity Labs is running a pilot on LinkedIn that lets financial advisers interact with their book of customers. That's just one example of how the tech incubator is seeding ideas and developing future products for its parent company.
Using Artificial Intelligence to Uncover Non-Public Company Data
News  |  9/16/2014  | 
Startup DataFox aims to use artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and big data to provide data on 100,000 private technology companies to financial analysts.
Eyeing the Full Wallet, Markit Integrates Commission Manager With Broker Vote
News  |  8/12/2014  | 
Buy-side firms want access to their full commission wallet so they can leverage the data in their broker vote software and factor in research related events, according to Markit.
Data Analysis Startup Thinknum Raises $1M in Seed Round
News  |  7/28/2014  | 
The financial analysis platform is planning to launch a private platform for hedge funds seeking to keep their models private.
Why Is the Investor's Personal Rate of Return Missing on Financial Statements?
News  |  7/18/2014  | 
Only 25% of statements across the annuity, mutual fund, and brokerage sectors include a "personal rate of return," Dalbar's annual survey says.
TradeKing Enters the Online Advisory Market
News  |  7/7/2014  | 
As robo-advisers target independent investors with automated tools, TradeKing teamed with Morningstar's Ibbotson Associates to deliver professionally managed portfolios with low fees.
Unexpected Client Connection Tool: HD Video Conferencing
News  |  6/6/2014  | 
Video conferencing gives Trust Company of Vermont an edge in customer service and employee collaboration.
TrueEX Processes $750 Billion in Bunched Order Allocations
News  |  5/19/2014  | 
The firm's post-trade platform is helping asset managers and FCMs handle "bunched order" allocations for interest rates swaps, a major pain point for the buy-side.
Motif Investing Enters Financial Advisor Market
News  |  5/13/2014  | 
After raising $35 million in a second funding round, the online site announced a platform for financial advisors along with plans to expand internationally and roll out asset allocation models to self-directed investors.
Three Tactics to Support Social Business Innovation
News  |  5/7/2014  | 
Banks need to take action to encourage innovation in social media as it becomes a bigger part of consumers’ lives.
ITG's Mobile App Measures Trading Costs on the Fly
News  |  4/14/2014  | 
ITG's Liquidity Metrics helps portfolio managers and traders to quickly understand trading costs on a daily basis by region and sector.
Buy Side Considers IBOR to Consolidate Real-Time Positions
News  |  4/7/2014  | 
Two-thirds of buy-side participants see the need for more timely and accurate data as the main driver for considering an integrated IBOR, according to a Charles River survey
Estimize Launches Mergerize, Crowdsourcing for M&A
News  |  3/26/2014  | 
Applying the crowdsourcing method to mergers and acquisitions, Mergerize looks to bring value to traders, quants, investment bankers, corporations and the virtual rumor mill.
33% of Hedge Funds Switched Service Providers in 2013
News  |  3/20/2014  | 
Dissatisfaction with quality of service is the most common reason cited by hedge funds for changing their fund administrators, according to a Preqin study.
Quant Hiring Grows on Buy-Side Trading Desks
News  |  3/5/2014  | 
Large traditional asset management firms are seeking to hire quantitative professionals to tackle data intensive analysis of trading costs, venues and alpha modeling, according to Tabb Group's report.
U.S. Buy Side Focus Shifts to Investment Performance, Says Linedata Study
News  |  2/11/2014  | 
The trend is driven by the completion of post-crisis regulation deployments by U.S. asset managers while E.U. firms remain focused on implementing new regulations.
Liquid Bolsters Pre-Trade Compliance in Private Cloud-Based OEMRS
News  |  2/5/2014  | 
Hedge fund managers are demanding compliance aggregation and risk measurement tools to generate alpha and prove they have institutional quality controls.
Instinet Launches MAKE Algorithm for Institutional Traders
News  |  2/4/2014  | 
The new algorithm provides buy-side traders with the same sophisticated liquidity tactics used by market makers, while reducing exposure to signaling and other predatory techniques.
Markit Hires Veteran to Develop New Trader Dashboard for Buy Side
News  |  1/29/2014  | 
The company hired Tom Conigliaro to head up its Trading Services Group, which will develop the new Trader Dashboard with triggers and streaming inputs to inform buy-side strategies.
Brown Brothers Harriman Hires New CIO
News  |  1/24/2014  | 
Michael McGovern joined BBH as CIO and head of systems, where he will spearhead technology strategy, application development and systems infrastructure for the privately-held financial institution.
Markit Acquires ThinkFolio, Pushing into Front Office
News  |  1/14/2014  | 
The London-based maker of portfolio management software offers cross asset capabilities, a sophisticated OMS, and brings along 50 asset management clients.
The Shadow-Accounting Outsource Evolution
News  |  1/9/2014  | 
Over the past decade increased complexity and transparency demands have shifted hedge funds toward outsourced shadow-accounting.
Co-Sourcing Has Firms Re-Thinking Outsourcing Models
News  |  1/7/2014  | 
The co-sourcing model is gaining traction in firms looking to scale front and middle office.
Woody Harrelson Taps Crowdfunding Portal, Choosing Disruptive Technology over the Status Quo
News  |  1/7/2014  | 
The actor is raising $5 million for his tree-free paper company through a Toronto-based crowdfunding portal offering equity stakes to accredited investors and institutions.
Morgan Stanley's Trading Technology Platform Speeds Time To Market For Quant Shops
News  |  12/11/2013  | 
MSET's technology platform can help traders enter new markets in weeks, rather than months.
Asset Managers Flock to OTC Derivative-Intensive Portfolio Management Systems
News  |  12/4/2013  | 
A study by Aite Group found that traditional asset managers, more so than hedge funds, are venturing into portfolio management systems with risk analytics and core infrastructure for derivatives products.
CTA Firm Invests in Training the New Generation of Quants
News  |  11/15/2013  | 
Eclipse Capital Management sponsored access to Deltix quantitative research technology for students in the Olin Business School's Masters in Finance program, as a way to train candidates it may hire in the future.
SAC Capital Case Turns Up the Heat on Monitoring for Insider Trading
News  |  11/11/2013  | 
Hedge funds are beginning to analyze the behavior of traders through analytics, and open-source tools for extracting information from text and voice conversations are accessible and affordable.
User Groups Help Guide Vendor Roadmap
News  |  11/11/2013  | 
User groups are influencing vendors who rely on industry peers to guide product development.
Hedge Fund Clients of Eze OMS Gain Access to Markit TCA
News  |  11/4/2013  | 
Markit will integrate its TCA product into Eze OMS, so that hedge fund and asset manager clients can assess pre-trade estimates alongside open orders in the trading blotter.
Financial Services Aim to Consolidate Social Media Strategies
News  |  10/30/2013  | 
The average company uses 10-12 tools to manage Twitter alone across the board.
2013 Buy-Side Compensation Set To Increase 10-15%
News  |  10/25/2013  | 
Portfolio managers and traders on the buy side are outperforming their sell-side peers due to the drag from regulations and cost controls at banks, according to a new study from Greenwich Associates and Johnson Associates.
Northern Trust Launches Wealth Management Suite iPad App
News  |  10/24/2013  | 
Northern Trust launches an iPad app for the its wealth management suite, Private Passport.
Investment Metrics Acquires InterSec Research
News  |  10/16/2013  | 
The combined firms will offer more indepth investment analytics, research and reporting solutions to institutional investment managers, pension sponsors and consultants.
Small Asset Management Firms In Danger
News  |  9/27/2013  | 
Small asset management firms maybe in danger due to regulatory pressures.
REDI and Citadel Technology Tackle the "Holy Grail"
News  |  9/25/2013  | 
Citing demand for an integrated order and execution management system on the buy side, Citadel Technology joined forces with REDI Global Technologies to combine their OMS/EMS products.
Scivantage Acquires Portfolio Director from Scottrade
News  |  9/16/2013  | 
Scivantage hopes to take the professional investment management tool and turn it into something relevant and more user-friendly for its retail customers.
Finovate Fall 2013: A Few FinTech Providers for Capital Markets
News  |  9/10/2013  | 
A couple of innovative asset and data management products were showcased during Finovate Fall 2013.
This is Why Merrill Lynch is Overhauling Their Platforms
News  |  8/20/2013  | 
Merrill Lynch is consolidating the plethora of programs that have sustained their adviser accounts into one organized platform. Despite some controversy, analysts seem excited for change.
Can Golvis Break the Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Curse?
News  |  8/14/2013  | 
As a trio of former Goldman Sachs managing directors launch a new hedge fund in Asia, we shall see whether or not all that glitters is Goldman Sachs.
SEC to JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon & The London Whale: Admit It Was Wrong!
News  |  8/9/2013  | 
As the regulator works on a settlement with JPMorgan's for its botched trades that lead to $6 billion in losses, the SEC's new sheriff removed one option from the table: Jamie Dimon and company cannot 'deny any wrongdoing.'
Attribution Builds Trust with Clients and Consultants
News  |  8/8/2013  | 
Identifying how returns are generated, by who, and in what style help asset managers and pension plans manage their exposure and sell their brand.
Compliance Technology Spending Continues To Increase
News  |  8/1/2013  | 
Compliance technology spending to increase by 35%, predicts Aite Group.
DTCC Buys Omgeo From Thomson Reuters
News  |  7/26/2013  | 
Omgeo will continue to focus on improving the post-trade process for clients.
Thomson Reuters Adds 65 Global Futures Connections
News  |  7/24/2013  | 
In partnership with CQG, Thomson Reuters expands access to futures markets liquidity.
Super Nodes Allow CFN Services’ TradingHUB To Offer Faster Connections, Lower Rates
News  |  7/16/2013  | 
CFN Services is using super nodes for TradingHUB to provides more secure and faster connection with a cheaper rate.
Woodfield Uses Smonik’s RECON For Faster Reconciliation
News  |  7/12/2013  | 
Woodfield Fund Administration selects Smonik RECON for automatic reconciliation.
Debating "The Great Rotation": Will it Lift Trading Volumes?
News  |  6/17/2013  | 
A shift from fixed income into equities is unlikely to lift trading volumes and brokerage commissions up to previous highs, according to a Greenwich Associates report.
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