Top Quotes of the Week

It wasn't all bad luck for the capital markets this week: Hedge funds had a decent first quarter despite a slowdown in jobs numbers, BlackRock might be heading into new territory as hedge fund managers take a hard look at their counterparties, and the head of the IMF didn't pull any punches when assessing today's global economy. At least we can admire the nice weather and some of the best quotes of the week.
April 13, 2012

8. Innovation Distraction

With Google — both prior to yesterday's letter and now after – you are getting the best and worst of Silicon Valley in one.  On the one hand, you are getting the preeminent search company in the world with probably the best business model in the world tied to it (pay per click).  On the other hand, you are getting Xerox PARC.

— Hedge fund manager Eric Jackson comparing the search engine giant to the innovative vision of Xerox – they invented the modern GUI, the mouse and nested file folders and did nothing with it.


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