February 15, 2013

In a move to foster community engagement, build relationships with its users and share their financial expertise, browser-based algorithmic trading platform, Quantopian announced that expert derivatives trader Tim Meggs has become the first participant in the company’s Quant In Residence program.

The QIR program is also designed to relationships and leverage skills and insights of industry experts, according to the news release. The program is open to any practicing algorithmic traders, the company said.

Quantopian provides QIRs with office space, exposure to a network of talented individuals within the company, community and board of directors, and behind the scenes insights into a rapidly growing company, according to the company.

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“At Quantopian, we’re big believers in experimentation, and that’s what the Quant in Residence program is all about,” commented John ‘Fawce’ Fawcett, founder and CEO of Quantopian in the release. Noting that the company is constantly trying to improve the way it works with quants, Fawcett said “One of the best ways to do that is to have someone really get embedded with the team, community and Quantopian idea. Meggs is full of fantastic knowledge and we know his insights and experience will help make Quantopian even stronger.”

Until recently, Meggs served as executive director of derivative trading at CIBC World Markets, which he joined in 2012. He will soon be taking a role at a quantitative asset management firm, leading the trading team, according to Quantopian’s release. Meggs is an expert in quantitative cross-asset derivatives trading, as well as structuring, pricing and trading light-exotic and hybrid derivatives. “I’m very excited to be part of Quantopian’s Quant in Residence program,” commented Meggs, in the release. “The QIR program is a pretty cool way for quants to collaborate and engage with each other, while helping Quantopian build a better platform for everyone. This opportunity is going to be great, and I encourage anyone interested in the program to check it out.” Quantopian is actively seeking candidates interested in participating in the QIR program. As with all users of the Quantopian platform, QIRs retain full ownership of any algorithms and other intellectual property they may develop.

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