July 13, 2010

Advent Software has integrated SunGard’s Valdi Liquidity Solutions algorithmic trading strategies with its Moxy electronic order routing system, a move the firm said will ultimately streamline workflow and sharpen execution.

The firm added that more than half of the traders using Moxy employ algorithms for more than 25 percent of their equity trading, with the majority of traders using strategies from four or more vendors. By integrating Valdi Liquidity Solutions into Moxy, Advent is aiming to simplify the trading process and enable traders to control orders directly from Moxy.

“Trades rely on Moxy as the hub for their desks. By bringing their critical trading partners to them, through Moxy, traders can focus on a single execution platform when executing their trades in the market, instead of managing multiple applications,” Advent product manager Tim Decker said in a statement.

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