M&A Activity Will Continue to Grow in 2015
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Fidelity Survey: Mobile Financial Apps Bring Higher ROI
What's Next in News Analytics: Not Social, Not Yet
7 Pillars of Market Surveillance 2.0
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LG's Mobile Payment Platform May Target Apple, Google, Samsung
Nathan Eddy, Freelance Writer
LG's mobile payment platform would coincide with the launch of the company's flagship V10 smartphone, which boasts fingerprint technology.
By Nathan Eddy Freelance Writer,
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iPad Pro: 6 Pros, 4 Cons For Business Users
Eric Zeman,
The iPad Pro represents a sea change for Apple's tablet, which is now more than ever angling to replace your laptop.
By Eric Zeman ,
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Heartland CEO: Dealing Honestly With Data Breaches
InformationWeek Staff, Video
At this year's InformationWeek Conference in Las Vegas, Heartland CEO Robert O. Carr spoke about how his company publicly confronted a huge data breach that exposed millions of credit card records to cyber-criminals. Is honesty the best policy when it comes to security? Carr thinks it is.
By InformationWeek Staff ,
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IBM's LinuxONE Mainframe: What's Old Is New Again
Charles Babcock, Editor at Large, Cloud
Linux on a mainframe is not a new idea. Red Hat and SUSE are already there. Linux on an affordable mainframe is the new idea.
By Charles Babcock Editor at Large, Cloud,
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SAP HANA: Not The Only In-Memory Game In Town
Curtis Franklin Jr., Executive Editor, Technical Content
SAP HANA is not the only option for those looking for an in-memory database platform. Big rivals such as Microsoft and Oracle offers similar tech.
By Curtis Franklin Jr. Executive Editor, Technical Content,
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Why Kaspersky’s Bank Robbery Report Should Scare Us All
Susan Nunziata, Editorial Director
So, you don't work for a financial institution? Don't think you're off the hook for the kind of theft discussed by Kaspersky. Banks are certainly not the only organizations moving around massive amounts of money every day.
By Susan Nunziata Editorial Director,
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A Wild Ride Comes to an End
Greg MacSweeney, Editorial DirectorCommentary
Covering the financial services technology space for the past 15 years has been a thrilling ride with many ups as downs.
By Greg MacSweeney Editorial Director,
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The End of an Era: Farewell to an Icon
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeCommentary
After more than two decades of writing for Wall Street & Technology, I am leaving the media brand. It's time to reflect on our mutual history and the road ahead.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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Your Next Monitor Will Be A Curved 4K: You'll Like It
Curtis Franklin Jr., Executive Editor, Technical Content
Curved, 4K monitors were on display at CES. Is their next stop on your corporate desktop?
By Curtis Franklin Jr. Executive Editor, Technical Content,
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Morgan Stanley Data Theft Exposes Insider Threat & Need for More Restrictions
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
In the wake of Morgan Stanley firing a financial adviser for stealing information on 350,000 wealth management clients, experts say financial firms need to "cloak and contain" access to valuable data.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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Beyond Bitcoin: Why Counterparty Has Won Support From Overstock's Chairman
David Bensoussan, Co-President and Owner, Gray Swan Asset ManagementCommentary
The combined excitement over the currency and the Blockchain has kept the market capitalization above $4 billion for more than a year. This has attracted both imitators and innovators.
By David Bensoussan Co-President and Owner, Gray Swan Asset Management,
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Asset Managers Set Sights on Defragmenting Back-Office Data
Todd Moyer, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Business Development at ConfluenceCommentary
Defragmenting back-office data and technology will be a top focus for asset managers in 2015.
By Todd Moyer ,
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4 Mobile Security Predictions for 2015
Mike Raggo, Contributing WriterCommentary
As we look ahead, mobility is the perfect breeding ground for attacks in 2015.
By Mike Raggo Contributing Writer,
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Increasing Cyberthreats Pose Massive Challenge for Financial Firms
Greg MacSweeney, Editorial DirectorNews
Capital Markets Outlook 2015: Financial firms will increase data security spending and also strengthen critical infrastructure as the industry struggles to keep up with the scale and intensity of cyber attacks.
By Greg MacSweeney Editorial Director,
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How to Talk to Your Board About Stress Testing
Robert Ashbaugh, Senior Risk Management Consultant ,SageworksCommentary
A meaningful report describing risks uncovered from a bank's stress-testing efforts empowers its board to assess current and potential risks within the loan portfolio.
By Robert Ashbaugh Senior Risk Management Consultant ,Sageworks,
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Clearpool Releases Iris Technology to Meet Needs of Evolving Equities Market
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
Clearpool Execution Services will use Iris technology to improve the way institutional orders are handled and prioritized in different execution venues.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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Financial Data Supply Chain, Part 2: Integration as the Ultimate Weapon
Stephen Engdahl, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, GoldenSourceCommentary
An integrated financial data supply chain creates efficiencies through automation, openness, standards, and communication across the data supply chain from source to use, rather than simply passing data on and out of sight.
By Stephen Engdahl Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, GoldenSource,
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The Clock For Market Structure Change Is Ticking
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
Capital Markets Outlook 2015: The SEC is conducting a broad review of US equity market structure, but the most important proposals are the tick-size pilot, maker-taker rebates, dark pools, and order routing transparency.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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How Fraud & Cyber Security Will Evolve in 2015
Jonathan Camhi, Associate Editor, Bank Systems and TechnologyCommentary
Banks need to implement new security measures and tactics, and fraudsters are sure to respond by changing their operations.
By Jonathan Camhi Associate Editor, Bank Systems and Technology,
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Swap Markets Debate Anonymous Trading in SEFs
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
Capital Markets Outlook: With more than a year of SEF trading up and running, swap participants are looking at standardized Market Agreed Upon or "MAC" swap products, to fuel anonymous order book trading next year.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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